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Hey friends, my name is Stephanie Helms and I’m the Creator of Stay At Home Fitness CLT! Born and raised in Charlotte, NC the Queen City has always been home for me.  I graduated from UNC Charlotte with my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Minor in Public Health.  I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

UNC Charlotte Graduate B.S. Exercise Science. Photo Credit: Jessie Marie Photography

For the past 7 years I’ve worked in Fitness and it continues to be my passion. I love to teach group fitness classes like BODYPUMP®, BODYSHRED, HIIT, YOGA, and CIRCUIT TRAINING. But, I’m also here to teach about food, wellness and life. I take health seriously but try not to take life as serious. I like to keep my glass half full and filled with a green smoothie, or other healthy drink.  If I’m not at the gym or grocery store, there’s a good chance you’ll find me outdoors and most likely wearing pink.

Stay At Home Fitness CLT. Photo Credit: Jessie Marie Photography

My training is exclusively for women. As a female in fitness, my clients can trust I understand the body and mind of women. I started this business to make routine exercise easier and a healthy life more possible. By providing a Home Training service I make fitness more convenient, comfortable and private. The services I provide (In-Home Personal Training, Health Coaching, Special Fitness Events) are unique and unmatched.

I’m here to give a real, scientific-based approach to health and fitness. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, I design health and fitness programs that are practical to each client’s body and health. Exercise can be intimidating and difficult, that’s why I break things down so the client feels confident about working out. I also teach clients about nutrition and healthy habits. My work is not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle.

Personal Trainer for Women in Charlotte, NC

Thanks for reading, and learning about who I am and what I do. I’m thankful every day that I can share my passion and mission for better health. I love being able to encourage women, shift their mindset and ultimately help them achieve their goals. I realize it can be difficult to know where to start but I believe you have to start with the decision. Once you’ve made the decision to do it, then you’re ready to begin the journey! If you have made the decision for Better Health. Better Life. Better You.  Click Here to get started!

In Health, Stephanie


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