Fit and Healthy Gifts: A Gift Guide for the Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Finding the right gift for someone can be hard, especially if they’re into Health and Fitness. I think the best gifts are both useful and personal. I can’t think of a better gift than the gift of Health and Fitness. This Holiday Season try these Fit and Healthy gifts. These make awesome gifts for Women or Men!

Supplements- Anything from Protein Bars, Protein Powders, Pre-Workouts, Vitamins and more make great stocking stuffers. A lot of brands have seasonal flavors which can add to the fun for the Holidays.

Wearable Technology– Fit Bit, Apple Watch, Garmin Watch and others have become quite the accessory. But they work to track your calories, steps, sleep and more depending on which brand you choose. These are especially great for runners!

Athletic Shoes– You can never have too many pairs of shoes (says the girl with too many shoes). Tennis shoes are always a great gift for someone who workouts and lives an active lifestyle. *Make the gift extra special by personalizing the shoes with colors, initials, sport’s team, etc.

Workout Shirt or Tank Top- Any fitness person you are shopping for will love a new top to sweat in! Women and Men alike will appreciate a new shirt from their favorite brand (Nike, Under Armour, Victoria Secret Sport, Lululemon, etc.).

Foam Roller- This is a necessary tool for anyone who workouts! This self-myofascial releasing tool relieves muscle soreness, breaks up adhesions and helps with mobility.

Tea or Coffee Gift Set- Coffee and Tea make great gifts on their own or paired with a fun mug. There are so many blends and varie-teas (get it) for a person to love that you can’t go wrong with this idea. A warm cozy drink is especially great for the cold winter moths.

Wireless HeadphonesFor the person who loves to workout, wireless headphones are a great gift that they will use almost everyday! One Christmas I was gifted wireless headphones and it remains one of the best things I use daily! Having a headset cord attached to you can be annoying especially if you are running or jumping. Wireless makes all the difference, and makes for a great gift.

Natural Health and Beauty Products- For Women, look for spa-like products. Some examples include Bubble Baths, Bath Bombs, Epsom Salts, Face Masks, Natural Soaps and Body Butters. For Men, try a nice shaving kit with a razor, after shave or beard oil. Shaving products are a very masculine gift and usually come in manly scents like Pine, Spruce or Cedarwood.


Fitness Equipment– Resistance Bands, Jump Ropes, Weight Lifting Belts, Wrist Wraps or Straps are great gifts for person who loves the gym! A lot of gyms have theses extras but it’s nice to have your own. Any exercise enthusiast will love some new accessories!

Reusable K-Cup Pods- This product is great for the person who loves coffee and the environment! A lot of people make single serve cups of coffee with a Keurig. Try gifting a reusable coffee pod for the Keruig machine. This allows the person to put their coffee of choice into the pod while significantly reducing the waste from all the plastic pods.

Yoga Mat- Yoga mats are not just for yoga, they can also be used for pilates and many other exercise formats. The different colors, designs and prints make them personable and a great gift for someone.

Essential Oils- Aromatherapy products are great gifts for the person who loves natural products and prioritizes wellness. Essential oils can be diffused (making a room smell amazing) or used topically on the skin (like in a bath or massaged on a sore neck). Not only do they smell good, but they have so many health benefits from these distilled plant drops. Lavender is very calming, and Peppermint says Merry Christmas all the way! Essential oils can also replace candles (which are very toxic) so try a diffuser (which uses water instead of a flame) to distribute the scent. My favorite brand is Young Living!

Massage Gift Certificate– Anyone who lives an active lifestyle would appreciate a good massage. While foam rollers, yoga mats and essential oils are great at relieving muscle tension nothing works like a full body massage.

Dark Chocolate- Candy is always a great gift, especially as a stocking stuffer. Dark Chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (such as 70% cocoa) provides antioxidants, minerals and many other health benefits. This sweet and healthy treat is perfect for any health nut.

Gym Membership or Personal Training Package- This gift is not for everyone, as you must know that the person you are gifting it to would want to be a part of a gym or individual training. You don’t want the person you are gifting to think you are saying “ you need to go the gym”, lose weight, etc. You should know they would love to upgrade their workouts, or fitness regimen. It can be great for specialty gyms like Pilates, Yoga, Aerial classes or other unique training. Proceed with caution on this one, but still a great gift for the right person. If you are interested in gifting the Training Services provided by Stay At Home Fitness CLT Click Here

Cool Water Bottle– Carrying a water bottle is like another accessories these days. Glass and stainless-steel water bottles give that luxurious and high-quality feel. Glass is also great for infusing water with Essential oils or fruit as it won’t leach out toxins like a plastic water bottles do. Choose one that is appropriate in size, design and purpose and it will be a winning gift idea!

Kitchen Power Tools- Nutri Bullet, Vitamix, Ninja Blender, High-Power Juicer, Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, Espresso Maker and Kitchen Aid Mixer are all awesome gift ideas for the person who loves to cook and eat healthy! These kitchen gadgets save time, and get the job done for those healthy recipes.

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