Welcome to Stay At Home Fitness CLT,  a unique fitness training solution designed exclusively for women in Charlotte, NC (hence the CLT part of the name). CLT also represents our three areas of focus:  Cooking, Living, Training.

Stay At Home Fitness CLT was created around the idea of women “staying at home”, while the trainer comes to them. Our focus with In-Home Personal Training is to eliminate the excuses and save on the time associated with exercise. Working out at home is convenient, comfortable and adaptive to your schedule.

We also prioritize wellness through our one-on-one Health Coaching. This personalized service goes beyond fitness and targets Healthy Behaviors, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Positive Habits.

There is always something worth celebrating with our Special Fitness Events. Each event features a group fitness class with music and drinks for a private party of people. The fun takes place in your home and is most popular for Bridal Parties, Girl’s Nights, or Birthday Parties. Stay At Home Fitness CLT works to improve your health, create a lifestyle of fitness, and inspire you to be your best!

Are you ready for: Better Health. Better Life. Better You?

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Personal Training that allows you to stay home while the trainer comes to you. Exclusively for women, this service simplifies working out so that you feel confident and see amazing results! The female trainer will coach you on exactly what you need to do to get results, bring the equipment and make each session convenient to your busy schedule.

*All training programs require an Initial Consultation.

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Individual Coaching that takes a holistic approach to your overall health and well-being. This service provides support and accountability with lifestyle factors such as balanced nutrition, healthy behaviors, and positive habits. Heath Coaching, looks different for each client with it’s personalized approach to the individual’s life, needs and goals.

Some of the most common areas of focus include:

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Creating Healthy Habits
  • Adjusting Lifestyle Factors
  • Balancing Life and Health
  • Stress Reduction

*All health coaching programs require an Initial Consultation.

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Experience a fun and social way of working out. Stay At Home Fitness CLT helps you celebrate any special occasion with friends and fitness! Each event features a group exercise class of the host’s desired format. Popular formats include a yoga stretching class, weight training for strength, or a cardio dance class. (Alcohol is allowed as part of the event if provided by the host and all participants are over 21 years old)

Some of the events we focus on include:

  • Girl’s Night
  • Birthday Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal Party

*Event pricing varies depending on size of party.

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Meet your Trainer ! Stephanie Helms is the creator and owner of Stay At Home Fitness CLT. She has worked in the fitness industry for 7 years and continues to be on a fitness mission. Her passion is teaching others how to exercise and empowering women to live their best (healthy) life! She believes that life should be lived with intention and purpose, and that health is your greatest wealth.

Born and raised in Charlotte, and where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Stephanie is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Of all the fitness roles she embodies, teaching group fitness classes is one of her favorites. She loves the energy, connection and fun that her classes create! Stephanie teaches a variety of group exercise classes including:


A message From Stephanie:

Thank you for visiting Stay At Home Fitness CLT! I’m so excited you’re here and learning about who I am, and what I do. I’d love to connect and learn more about you and your goals! Send me a message and let’s talk about Better Health. Better Life. Better You.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day! -Stephanie


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